If you’re only using a traditional website a marketing tool then the fact of the matter is that you are missing out on a large portion of your potential custom.

These days mobile devices are challenging personal computers with over billions of smartphones in use today. Mobiles are the new customer-engagement tool no matter what your business is.

If your business is available online, having an app holds many key benefits, allowing your customers a unique experience while allowing you to send them in-app or push notifications directly. But that’s just the beginning as you can create any experience you wish. That’s the beauty of apps. You can have them function however you wish.

Even if they’re offline this will result in improved sales, better service and your customers overall experience of your business is boosted exponentially. A mobile application can do everything your website can do… plus a whole lot more!

There is no debate needed when it comes to defining the importance of apps for business growth. In 2015 mobile users spent a whopping 90% more time on apps than they did through websites (both standard and mobile friendly combined). Back then it was worth $41.1 billion and it’s has shown no signs of slowing down. Far from it in fact at an estimated $50.9 billion for 2017. By 2020 it is Gross annual revenue is projected to exceed $189 billion.

Here’s the wonderful part. The overall consensus is that the market isn’t even remotely saturated. With only 46% of the world population owning a smartphone in 2016 shows that the revolution has only just begun.

According to a Forrester statistic, there is a huge gap between leading companies that regard mobile devices as a catalyst to transforming their business and companies that consider mobile devices to be just another development channel. As of early 2016, only 18% of companies surveyed were in the first category. This number is expected to pass 25% by next year.

Consumers are evolving more rapidly than businesses. Today, the mobile Internet has clearly become a necessity for many users.

We understand the necessity of apps for allowing business to connect with their users and grow their brand with direct interaction from the most important person around… your customers.

Retain existing customers while getting new potential clients and meet the ever growing needs for your market niece.

Our team have developed some of the most actively used apps around to date. We understand that each business holds different goals for their users to become involved.

Notice some of these brands?

We offer a custom mobile app development service for any kind of business across various mobile platforms. We will guide you through the entire mobile app development process from the initial concept design to the release of your app on the target app stores.

We offer a complete support and maintenance solution to ensure you app is kept up-to-date for any new manufacturer product updates.

Let your app be your ultimate online marketing tool that will see people returning to your business over and over. Allow you to engage with your customers in a whole new way.