Intagram: Reaching Your First 20k Followers

We thought we would put together a little article to help you on your way to generating your first 10k followers on Instagram if you are just starting out. Growing accounts can be a fine art and something that takes time. There are far more things you can do to build up a following that interacts constantly which we can help you with by working with us. However we simply wanted to give you some pointers when setting up and growing an account.

When getting started with Instagram you want to set out clearly what your goal for the account. Do you want to attract more B2B clients? Do you want to attract more B2C clients? Or are you looking for a mechanism to get your name out into the public domain more. Write down specifically what you are trying to get so that you have a constant goal for growing the account.

This sounds like the most obvious approach but you would be surprised at how many people have asked us to look at their account and it simply looks terrible. Instagram is a visual application so make it look appealing. A decent profile picture that speaks out about your persona. Ensure your bio is formatted correctly and covers all your credentials so people know exactly what the account is about as soon as they view it. It’s incredible the amount of business you can get from a well formatted account so make use of it.

Scope out the competition. If you are struggling from the beginning then simply look at which of your competitors is ‘doing it right’ and make notes of what their feed looks like. Look at picture formatting, story, style and so on. What is different from yours? Once you have a good understanding on what they are doing right, create a content calendar. How often will you be posting? Will the bulk of your content be planned weeks or months in advance? It’s important that you have a plan of attack for immediate and pre-scheduled material and the only way to do this is with a content calendar.

So it’s time to start start publishing and engaging with people. Get a good base of content uploaded before you start interacting with people. Don’t worry if there’s there’s nobody commenting and liking your stuff at the beginning. You want to start building a foundation of posts so that when you do start interacting with people and they see your profile, they see strong content from the word go.

Once you have posted your first 5-10 posts, start liking, commenting and truly engaging with people. Don’t blend in… shine. Comment as though you are giving a reply in an interview – stand out!

Hashshtags! Learn, study and sleep hashtags until you fully understand the broad extent to which you can use them. Every hashtag you use is going to give you more distribution so use them wisely. Look at various hashtags and see what else people use alongside the same ones you are using.

When adding a hashtag on Instagram it will tell you how many posts are associated with it. You are generally looking to use hashtags that have hundreds of thousands to millions of post associated with them – this will allow you to have greater distribution in the area that you are interacting with. Once you post, click on your own hashtags and interact with the posts that come up as this opens up for them coming to your account to interact with yours.

Make sure that you are using five to ten hashtags for each post. When you start initially posting and don’t have many followers, you will still see people liking and interacting with your stuff simply due to using the hashtags effectively.

Instagram is good at letting you know which posts are performing better than others. If you are notified of posts that are doing much better than others, promote it. Look at what is different about it compared to the rest of your posts and look to repeat the process.

The more you engage and the more time you spend doing these things – interacting with other people and influencers, posting great content, doing advertising on your top posts and using the best hashtags and ultimately building relationships with the top people in your industry – the faster your account’s going to grow. Done right, and you can build your account to 10k followers pretty quickly.

Many companies overlook Instagram as a tool to generate revenue. Yes many people use it for pleasure. However it is this exact reason it is a great tool to promote due to the amount of traffic that hits the site every day. It can bring the same success as using tools like google Adwords for a similar ROI. If you are business, take it seriously. Whether you do or not, we guarantee your competitors will.

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