Email making is perfectly suited for a small businesses have always operated. It’s personal, immediate and easy tailored to what makes you unique. Above all else, it’s practically. Email can work strongly for your business and can be the most effective marketing strategy when implemented correctly.

According to the direct marketing Association $1 spent on email marketing would return between $45 & $51 ROI. Despite what you might think email get read. Open rates can reach 40% and more. Most importantly… They are affordable.

The industry estimates online campaigns can be 20 times more cost effective than other marketing channels, with individual emails messages often costing just fractions of a penny. As a result email makes it practical for you to communicate effectively with your customers.

Emailing grows relationships. Emailing personalised deals or the inside scoop is an efficient way to make customers feel important. Let’s face it, customers feels looked after and appreciated when you send value in a well-planned message.

A major factor about email marketing is that it is measurable. A great advantage is that everything can be tracked from open rates, who opened, what each person clicked on, if it was shared and much more.

Email Marketing is utilised by most businesses however many do this ineffectively. This can be for many reasons from inexperience through to a lack of resources. We aim to help you get the most from this beneficial service.

Let’s delve in a little deeper..

The number of email users worldwide is forecasted to rise to 2.9 billion by 2019.

As mentioned email marketing can be extremely low cost which is certainly one of the key benefits. It is much cheaper than the traditional marketing channels such as print etc and when done effectively can excel on return on investment. Overheads are small for getting the message direct to your clients and customers, allowing you to deliver true value to those that hold a direct interest within your niece.

Across all industries the average results for UK SME email marketing campaigns were:

  • Open rate: 24.79% (2016: 24.88%)
  • Click-through rate: 4.19% (3.42%)
  • Unsubscription rate: 0.49% (0.52%)
  • Click-to-open rate: 11.88% (10.88%)
  • Unsubscribe-to-open rate: 2.59% (2.72%)

Email Marketing is one of the only channels that people opt into. The majority of businesses that utilise email marketing are only sending messages to those that have asked to receive it, allowing for exceptional open rate on lists that are managed effectively. The beauty of this is specific targeting, allowing your business to flourish as you communicate with only those that are interested in what you have to say.

The ability to segment email lists and individualize email campaign messaging are the most effective personalisation tactics for 51% and 50% of marketing influencers respectively. (Ascend2, 2016) (Source:

Most marketing professionals would easily pay to ensure they were only spending money targeting those that are interested in their brand and services. Email marketers can go a step further by only sending emails to those that are subscribed to a certain criteria, allowing you to target things like certain demographics for local offers, or segmenting the list to target only those that have bought a specific product from you while excluding those that have bought other things from you in the past. Utilising your list effectively can allow your company to go from being sustainable to excelling.