One of the biggest problems were seeing out in the market right now is that anybody with a Facebook page thinks they have what it takes to call themselves a social media manager. If you are a business of any size – but especially small businesses – then we are pretty certain that you are getting messages, emails and calls from many ‘companies’ and individuals promising everything from building your audience, increasing visibility and taking over all your social media channels. But how do you know they can deliver what they promise? That is where it get’s tricky, especially if you are a small business with limited resources or knowledge in social media.

There is also the factor of finances. One of the most (if not THE) most important factors in business is cash flow. It determines everything about our decisions on what we plan to do in both the long and short term so it’s important we choose our spending avenues correctly. So why would you spend it on social media at all? And if so, who do you work with?

Your social media channels should be returning a positive return on investment (ROI). Although results aren’t always instant, over time you should be seeing a significant growth of traffic and (ultimately) sales!

When looking at social media the first thing we need to look at are relevant ‘followers’. Imagine if you were a local electrician with over 10k followers. The onset would look good. However what only 25 out of that 10k were local to the business? Relevance of interest is the initial thing to look at. So that’s the first thing to look out for when choosing a company to work with in attracting potential customers to your business.

Whoever you deal with needs to return a positive ROI over time. Whoever you work with need to be taking their company as serious as yours so it’s important you can see from their profiles that they pull off the numbers throughout their own platforms. Do they have over 30k followers but only a couple of likes on their posts? Chances are most of those ‘followers’ are bought and therefore useless. This isn’t about vanity. This is about getting a return on your investment and something that should be taken very seriously by however you choose to work with.

As every company is different, so should how you deal with social media. Approach a few companies that offer social media management and chances are they will ask you very limited questions and offer you exactly what they offer everyone else. How you would deal with Ford’s social media would be completely different to a small chain of restaurants for example. The stories that each company tells are completely different to the next. How you deliver them are just as important as the content of the story themselves.

Whoever you work with needs to be absolutely clear on what they are offering and for what price. What platforms will they be covering. What will they be doing to grow each platform. How will they work each platform with the next for continuity while also working alongside each other effectively. What areas of content will they be covering? Will they be including graphics so that company image is kept to? Who is proofing the posts? What numbers do they expect in terms of growth? Who is responding to messages on each platform? How will they tackle Facebook ads if this is also included in their package? There are so many aspects that need to outlines before any agreement is to take place in order to ensure everyone knows what they are doing in order to grow your business. You want the best for your money, right?

Social media management is a big investment. There is no doubt about it. But it is a necessary one without a doubt. Social media growth, management and presence can be the ‘make or break’ for many businesses. For many, when done right can take a company from doing OK to growth on a substantial level.

Let us show you how excited we are about growing with you!