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With everyone creating content and Google implementing changes almost on a daily basis, it has become harder & harder to direct traffic to your site.

It seems for most that once they implement ideas and changes to keep up with trends, a new one has come along and it’s time to learn all over again.

In some senses, this is always how it’s been. If you are in business, you need attention to your products in order to get customers in order to make a profit to pay staff to generate more products and so forth. As you do this, you fight for attention against your competitor and the cycle continues. This has been the model forever.

As time has gone on, the process has speeded up as more and more competition has come up.

The pessimist would say something along the lines of

Oh, it’s getting harder. More and more competition is out there and the internet is getting flooded with every man and his dog offering similar services to mine. What is the point?

The optimist, however, would say

Each day, more and more people are using the internet that needs services similar to mine… great! Although competition keeps cropping up, this pushes me to offer the very best out there which pushes me to my absolute best. This in turn provides the very best for my customers.’

The question is… which of those two are you?

Now we can’t help you with your levels of optimism. We can, however, help you improve your online presence so that your reach online is at it’s very best.

Considering the majority of people find sites through organic listings and not paid traffic, it imperative to ensure that your SEO is up to scratch so follow these steps to ensure your SEO is at its peak throughout 2019.

Google Loves Content

Now that being said, it’s important that you don’t start writing any old nonsense in the hope that Google and people pick up on it. With over a billion blogs out there, the majority are simply sharing and saying the same as everyone else. This is where content will allow you to stand out from the rest.

Rather than saying exactly what everyone else is saying, bulk writing and trying to put out hundreds of posts about nonsense, spend the time to create content that your competition isn’t talking about. This is the fundamental element to drive unique traffic to your site, allowing you to share your knowledge to people that haven’t heard of you before.

Go against the waves and swim upstream and do things differently to everyone else.

Take the time to research and write quality, not quantity. This will produce:

  • Social shares
  • Backlinks
  • Comments
  • Engagement
  • Traffic

This will feed the Google algorithm’s ego and push your site up the rankings in 2019.

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Do You Have a Brand?

Truth is, in answer to this question, the majority of you out there will answer no. If this is the case, it should be your absolute priority to run the answer into an immediate YES!

Google loves trust and when people trust in brands, Google understands that what they put out will be trustworthy.

I know it might not seem it when you browse through sites like Facebook, but the algorithm that Google hates anything it can’t trust so things like fake news etc are pushed down the rankings almost immediately.

Building up trust with customers, in essence, feeds back to Google and pushes you up the rankings.

A great way to check out how trustworthy your site is compared to your competition, go to Google Trends and see how you compare to the competition. If you are not doing well, ask yourself how you can build up that trust and make a plan to implement it over the next 1000 days. This is both on and offline.

If you are daunted about that number, then you need to assess why the hell you are in business in the first place?

You need to be playing the long game here. Make it your focus over the next 1000 days to build up trust and put in the work needed to turn it around. Without a plan and a drive, you’ll be going nowhere!

Stay Away From Buying Link Building Sites

It may seem counter-intuitive as Google loves it when sites direct to yours. That being said, link building sites offer the same service to anyone that is willing to pay and therefore the validity is somewhat discredited. This is due to everyone linking through commonality and reduces unique visits.

Instead, look at where your competition is being referenced. A good resource for this is ahrefs as it shows what sites are linking to your competitors and ignoring you. This is a much better approach than contacting blogs blindlessly which is the alternative to using link-building sites.

Be smart about your approach. If someone is linking to many of your competitors, you know that they will be up (with the right proposal) to directing it’s traffic to yours. This means a much higher chance of linking to you and push you up the rankings.

Build up relationships with sites and help them achieve their goals. Play the long game. Too many people (businesses) walk into relationships to take and it’s those that effectively fail at business.

Once you have built up the trust, stay with them and keep looking to build up more contacts. They will be a huge asset to you going forward.

Make Sure Your Website Loads Like Lightning And It Mobile Friendly

Google, in essence, is comprised of two search engines – one for mobile and one for without. Many companies check the speed in which their site functions on laptops and desktops only. This is insane considering over half the websites online are accessed through a smartphone.

Speed is one of the fundamental attributes of how Google ranks you online. Technology drives forward constantly and needs for speed is ultimately the driving force behind this.

It’s important that your site stands up against the rest and is optimised for speed across all devices, not just laptops and desktops. How does your site function on mobile?

A great tool to check this is Google PageSpeed. It will outline exactly what needs fixing in order to get your site up to speed and ready to compete.

Voice Search Is Now, Are You Ready?

As it stands (when writing this), 2 out of every 5 adults online are using voice search predominantly via Alexa, Siri, Google with more coming to the market. It’s an easy way to search for many users and is becoming more common as technology is built for it. It is therefore inevitable that Google would base your site on voice search functionality.

By 2020 it is estimated that around 50% of searches made online will be with voice.

You need to ensure that your website (and more specifically your content) ranks for voice search. You can do this by making sure your content answers the questions people are commonly asking.

This means structuring your content and answering questions in short sentences. Find out what people are asking and answer using only one to two sentences. The shorter your answer is to the question, the more likely you are to rank.

Also, voice requests are done through HTTPS sites so it’s imperative to ensure your site is functioning under this and has certificates up to date.

Update Old Content

Now we wouldn’t suggest doing this all the time. If you are a site that puts out a lot of content, it would take forever to change and most of the time is not necessary.

That said, we have found that scheduling a review of articles every year allows for your site to stay fresh and updated. The more up to date something is, the more people will want to read it and therefore put trust in you.

Google hates old content so the more you leave articles to rot, the more you are pushed further down the rankings.

Have a calendar in place so that whenever you publish something, you are reminded to go back to it in 12 months to check it’s relevance etc. A few years doing this and you will quickly build up your content calendar to ensure that you are constantly putting out articles of relevance that people want to read.

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